ABANDONED MYSTERY (AbMy) - Multi/Inter/Trans/Cross/Non-disciplinary Expedition
Initiated and coordinated by: Natalia Borissova (RU/D), Mindaugas Gapsevicius (LT/D) and Anna Karpenko (RU)
In co-locative collaboration with: Andrew Paterson/Pixelache(FL), Nida art Colony, Signe Pucena/SERDE(LV), Elena Tsvetaeva, Julia Bardoun and Danil Akimov/NCCA(RU)
Supported by: Nordic Culture Point, Culture Support Foundation and Goethe Institute under the umbrella of Lithuanian Inter­disciplinary Artists’ Association.

Abandoned Mystery is a Multi/Inter/Trans/Cross/Non-disciplinary Expedition pilot project on exploring the constitution of the phenomena of abandoned military sites of the European edges in the Baltic Sea area. (Pre-WWII fortifications, Soviet military heritages in Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad, Memel/Klaipeda and Riga, Curonian Spit, Vyborg, Karelian Isthmus/Russia, Liepaja, Vainode, Skrunda/Latvia as well as Porkkala, Hamina/Finland and Plateliai, Gulbiniskiai, Rimsai/Lithuania).
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